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Art as a Form of Communication – Pete Marsh

We can see art everywhere, from the designs of houses, to how our clothes are made in a fashionable way. Art is not something that produces words but you can compose words out of it. Art has many forms, and so is the communication. It has been a thought for some, that if they see someone else’s art, they think, “Oh, maybe he’s sad about something” or “I think she’s contented with her life right now”.

Art in many forms

We are entitled to think and feel what we want when we see art. Art does not limit you to what emotion you should feel but is making you feel appreciative in return. Sometimes, what a verbal communication cannot demonstrate, art can.

· Dance.

There are rather a lot of dance genres that can show a lot of emotions. It may express love, betrayal, happiness, marriage, brokenness, dreams, and the list goes on. Dance doesn’t need words to impart these emotions to people who will be watching. By some hand strokes, body movement, and transitioning of steps are enough to connect with the audience.

· Painting.

We often wonder when we see a painting, specifically the abstract ones, is what does it portray? We often leave the museum with questions unanswered. However, art in a form of painting has always, and will always have a deeper meaning to it. Just like the painting of Vincent van Gogh of “The Starry Night”, we may have the right interpretation, or we may have not. But, that’s what art is!

· Music.

Music is one of the things many people can’t live without. It’s another way of improving one’s mood through the use of music. Music can be a guitar instrumental, drum solo, or never-ending notes of the piano. It is more often to feel emotional when music is played, if the music is fast it may portray a message of happiness, otherwise, it is a sad music. See how the pianist Khatia Buniatishvili, Photographed by Andy Hall, played the piano? No words were spoken, just her fingers rolling around the piano keys say it all.

· Sculpture.

Art in sculpture always amazes us. Not only the time is taken for it to be finished, but the results are always astonishing. You tend to think outside the box, “What’s in the mind of the sculptor?” And we have the freedom to analyze these amazing works. On the right side, the art “Coffee Kiss” is by Johnson Tsang.

Hearing More about Art as Communication

· Art is: A Form of Communication

· “Art to me is non-verbal communication. One of the ways that we connect with people without using words. Dance and music, and painting, and sculpture fall into that. Just to express an idea that’s even more universal than talking.” – Whitney Hall, Artist, Painting, oil

· Art as Communication

· “Art gives us a way to express that which we have not yet invented words to communicate.” – Felicia Allard

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